NS - The Band

The Band

Covers bands - there's dozens of them. Some are dead slick, some are pretty, some wear matching outfits, some don't know when it's supposed to be a minor chord....

Nothing Scientific are none of the above. We've all been playing music, together and separately for years, have top drawer equipment and love putting together a great night for 5 - 5000 people.

  • Northants/Milton Keynes based covers band - indie/britpop/rock/post-punk/pop
  • Mostly we do pubs and clubs - but we love playing parties, corporates and weddings too - call us for a quote.
  • Experienced, talented musicians with professional and reliable equipment.
  • Guaranteed no 'Sex on Fire'. Same applies to 'Mustang Sally'.

We're expecting that we'll play a few songs that you'll love, lots that you'll know and like, and a couple of songs that'll make you think 'What the hell are they playing THAT for?' That's how we want it - Blur to Royal Blood, Killers to Stone Roses, Daft Punk to Libertines - with a few surprises chucked in.

If you're thinking of booking a band for your venue or party, get in touch (you can send an email by clicking on this handy link) or come and see us to check our suitability. We might learn a song for your first dance. Not if it's Rihanna. Just wouldn't work. Sorry.

The Band

Adee - Bass & Vocals. He's all about the bass. No treble.

After nearly ten years with Northampton stalwarts Boxeddy, Tenacious Adee now divides his time between Nothing Scientific,classic rock band Grounded and the 80's obsessed spandex clad Hair Rock Experience (yes he IS Jeff Leopard, people!) Once in a while he goes home. As a committed non-scientist, he does not have a PhD in Bio-Mechanics.


Ewan - Drums. Furzton's Prince of the Furious Sticks.

As a breed, drummers are an odd lot. They're usually borderline crazy and dangerous around food and females. But our Ewan is moderately civilised. He's properly musical, can keep time, and has a stunning attention to detail. We still can't believe our luck!
His MSc, in Astro-Physics is apparently 'in the post'.


Ronan - Vocals & Guitar. Maverick. Minstrel. Shirker

Ronan teaches guitar, runs open mic nights and plays in bands to avoid having a proper job. This is an excellent strategy, and is highly commended.
He is fairly clueless when faced with whole cell patch clamp electro-physiology.


Steve - Guitars & Vocals. Fender Wrangler. Gibson Grappler.

Played with Adee in Boxeddy for years, and before that was in a London based thrash soul band - all your favourite soul and rock 'n' roll classics ruined by punk musicians.
His understanding of the NR2a subunit of the NMDA receptor is pretty limited.